Molecular Structure Information
Amphetamine is a stimulant for central nervous system and started used as a treatment for ADHD, narcolepsy, depression and obesity. Afterwards, it became popular for its recreational use in terms of enhancing cognitive performance and attention as well as giving euphoric and aphrodisiac feelings. If you want to remember the relaxation and calmness of this substance, carry this symbol with you or give it as a gift who wants calm down.
Product Information
  • The Amphetamine Molecular Structure Pendant is made from 3mm triplex wood.
  • Pendant has a specially designed laser-cut wood closure.
  • Both sides of the necklace can be used for different purposes. One side of the necklace is coloured according to its molecular structure and another side is clean wood.
  • All molecular structure pendants are fabricated in our small atelier. Each piece is hand finished and will arrive in 12 x 8 cm (4.4 x 3.4″) sized eco-friendly and elegant gift box packages which are specifically designed for the Molecular Structure Necklaces.
  • There are 2 options for sizes for the pendants;
    • mini measure             . 2,3 cm x 4,1 cm (0.9 x 1.6″)
    • standard measure     . 3,3 cm x 6,1 cm (1.3 x 2.4″)
  • Variety of options for cords;
    • Silver Chain
    • White Chain
    • Black Chain
  • There are 2 options for length of the cords;
    • mini measure             . 40 cm (16″)
    • standard measure     . 48 cm (19″)
    • it is possible to customise the length based on your request
  • Please keep in mind that no two items are the same in terms of their wood texture and colour.
  • Remember to keep this necklace out of the water as it is made from delicate materials.
  • Items can only be returned for an exchange if it has a fault or defect within 14 days in original packaging.




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